Givenchy Changing the Game

Hey my fashion stoners! We all know Londen Parc apparel is the definition of “Street Wear meets high fashion.” So I know you all are intrigued by this new Givenchy meets Street Wear movement!
High fashion has truly re-invented itself. Still continuing to attract the acquired eye with museum and historical references; it’s evolved into making itself accessible to a larger group of people by turning towards Street Wear. High fashion is a classic element of originality & Street Wear is a clothing lane that goes bespoke, you can’t help but to buckle to the trend. For the upcoming 14′ men’s fall/winter collection Givenchy’s Italian designer, Riccardo Tisci says he’s keeping up with the USA theme.
Givenchy is known for their Pictorial, Sculptural or Graphic work prints. Better known as PSG in “designer lingo”. PSG is two dimensional & three dimensional works of fine graphic and applied art. The design on the Givenchy shirt would be considered a work of custom visual art similar to what we create here for you at Londen Parc.
According to Complex magazine, Tisci’s goal for this portfolio came specifically from his current vision of America BIG. VAST. DIVERSE. From the dapper young men now teaming their blazers with neon sneakers and seeing sneakers being the new cool in Europe on any windy & chilly day, Tisci says he is focused on culture, music & fashion and has capitalized his experience from all eras of his life. Influenced by the images that stuck within him from the time he touched down to America in ’96 his memories of the hip hop club scene in NY never faded along with his love for the NBA.
In order for any brand to be considered “fashionably high” statements must be made & seen in wear. Riccardo Tisci is already couture stamped with Givenchy, & now his Street Wear Cred, has gained a new following.
Making his latest statements through his t-shirt designs he’s pleasing the reinvented high fashion gods with the men’s spring Givenchy Tape Deck print tee. This definitely follows Street Wear in favor of vintage audio equipment; depicted by a print of reel to reel tape recorder on the front of the shirt.
Keeping one eye and one foot in the streets Tisci has recently collaborated with Nike and just had the first shoe release Nike + R.T. Air Force 1′s.

Riccardo Tisci’s vision is creatively timeless and his fashion expressions depict a way of style that the “fashionably high street wearers” & “trend setters” are accustomed to. This same sense of appearance only can be admired by a person with Londen Parc posture. We definitely know high fashion! I’m certain if I’m not seeing all you fly fellas in our dope Londen Parc tee’s I’ll catch you in one of Givenchy’s statement men’s t-shirts or Air Force 1′s.
Let’s talk high fashion, let me know what you think?

Ciara C
Thee Hustlebunny

106 & Park Meets Londen Parc

Hey fashion eyes, its Thee Hustle Bunny again with good news! The Londen Parc movement has been unstoppable over the last few months, from the launching of our Femme line in January to the overwhelming requests for our men’s gear; internationally we’re taking off like no other in this fashion game. In the midst of our fly high fashion-killa streak we made a quick stop in the Big Apple. This wasn’t your average one stop layover it was a stop that set us up another notch. BET’s flagship show 106 and Park is the networks most popular music series of all time and they are officially on board with Londen Parc.

Londen Parc’s debut was aired live last Friday (March 28TH), worn by the lovely 106 & Park dancers and broadcasted to millions worldwide. If you missed it keep calm, you can watch tonight’s live episode (April 2nd) and you can check it out online. Also make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming shows. Don’t be surprised to see your favorite rapper hosting in Londen Parc on the Park!

It’s not often that you see a fashion brand cultivate by the masses like we do, but when you do you have no choice but to join the evolution. With style of European cut and exclusive, custom made street wear we are well on the way of being a household and every day wardrobe name for the upper echelon. To all my fly guys and gals out there you don’t want to miss this jet!

For the Londen Parc debut go to www.bet.com/shows/106-and-park.html


Ciara Chardae
Thee Hustle bunny

crop shirt

Spring 2014 Top Womenwear Trends

Spring is blossoming ladies and we have plenty to choose from this season. Fashion week in Paris has set the tone for our top women trends for spring 2014. From the flying fringe to the return of the classic culottes and knife pleats; the runways everywhere say “Street style in Paris” one way or another. Of course everything that graces the runway doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the shoe that fits for the season but this spring the fashion gods have spoken and Paris remains our fashion mold. You aren’t trendy unless you’re a replication of the street woman in France.

According to Elle Magazine, orange is the new black this season and the combination of black and white is proving its staying power. A lady can never go wrong in a simple black and white get up, however this Spring she’s much jazzier in hounds tooth black and white print, or plaid. Floral prints have also claimed its spot in the top prints for spring.  Luckily not much spring cleaning of the closet is needed surprisingly! Those winter sweatshirts aren’t just for the gym this season. The slouchy silhouettes are transitioning into spring and a great look when it’s in a brighter hue and paired with a spicy pattern.

On a breezy spring day you can never go wrong with pastels. Pastel colors will always remain a spring staple and for 2014 mint green, lavender, lilac and blush pink are the eye catchers. Combine it with black and white prints or compliment it with a hue of orange accessory and you’re in style. Personally my favorite trend this season is the return of the overalls! I never understood how these lost its touch in fashion, because you never go wrong with denim! Either way they’re back and will look great distressed with a black and white Londen Parc shirt! It’s time to show out in style this spring ladies, now that I’ve hipped you to what’s hot, warm it up with your own spin of fashion and work it this spring like you’re on a runway in Paris!



Ciara C.

Thee Hustle Bunny

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014 Editorial by ‘SENSE’ Magazine

Japanese magazine SENSE presents their latest editorial for the new season featuring a gamut of Louis Vuitton‘s Spring/Summer 2014 offerings. The result is a series of tough-luxury looks dominated by a sense of the brand’s history of traveling. A solid color palette is broken up by the use of stripes and a hint of red accenting. Look for the collection to hit Louis Vuitton locations over the next few weeks.

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